The Do’s and Dont's of Selecting Eyewear

We have introduced an innovative eyewear for our clients which makes them stand out from the crowd. Eyewear is one of the essential styles of attire which should be perfect depending on many factors. We have listed down the factors which you need to consider before buying an eyewear:

Face Shape

  • Choose frames which flatter over your face instead of making the angles and curves giving you a disproportionate look.
  • Choose round or oval frames if you have an angular or square face.
  • Do not buy the eyewear with square frames because it highlights the sharp points on your face.
  • Avoid frames which accent the color on their bottom side because it draws attention towards your chin.
  • Avoid extra-large frames or small and short frames because they make your face look disproportionate.
  • Choose tall frames for an oblong or narrow face which creates an illusion similar to short face.
  • Choose angular frames for round face such as rectangular or horizontal shapes because it makes your face look thinner. Avoid round and small frames for round faces.



  • Do not buy frames which overpowers your face look.
  • Choose the frames which are perfect for your style statement.
  • Choose traditional frames with conventional colors for a professional, business look.
  • Choose funky colored lenses and frames with less traditional colors to achieve the creative look.


The color of the frames:

  • There are different color schemes available in eyewear. You need to choose the one which looks perfect according to your personality.
  • When you are determining the color of your frames, it is better to choose on the basis of face tones, eye color, hair color as well as the natural clothing.
General considerations:
  • Avoid leaving your glasses underneath the sun-exposed areas because they warp the frames and lenses, making it difficult for you to see with them.
  • Choose the prescription or sunglasses which offers protection against UV rays.
  • Avoid frames with tinted lenses.
  • Choose the frames which have essential coatings all over the tinted lenses.
  • Choose the frames according to the fashionable trends whether you buy it online or from the stores.
  • Do not buy prescription or reading glasses without a recent prescription because your prescription and eyes change with time.
Your budget:
  • Avoid buying the low quality and cheap glasses, although we do not recommend to buy the designer glasses. But the highest quality lenses and frames are the perfect choice for investment.
  • You can buy discounted glasses or glasses from online stores. You can also search for coupons to buy discounted glasses from departmental stores. Avoid buying lenses with additional features if you are on a tight budget.
Whether you choose the right frames or the right pair of lenses for your glasses, we make sure that you are completely satisfied with your selection and your overall look. Visit our website now for further details

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